Looking for a Tribal Accounting or Consulting Solution in Anchorage, AK?

Rely on Quik Pro to solve all of your accounting and consulting needs

At Quik Pro Accounting & Consulting, we understand that it can be difficult to keep up with an entirely different set of rules and regulations. Whether it be audit preparation or consulting with your tribal council to plan new policies, we've got you covered. We specialize in tribal grants and contracts, so we're up to date with regulations for your sovereign nation. Call us today at 907-258-2228.

Quik Pro specializes in three different areas with tribal accounting and consulting:

Accounting services

In addition to taking care of your standard government accounting, we will also help you manage federal funding, including grants. We can help you plan the allocation of these funds, and we can also help you plan for future funds and grants as they become available.

Audit Preparation

No one wants to be under prepared when it comes time for an audit. If your tribe spends more than $750,000 in a fiscal year, you need to be sure that you're preparing for an audit. We can help you with:

•Making sure your files match financial documents
•Ensuring that you have backup files and supporting documentation for your finances
•Preparing for the audit so that all your tribe has to do is hand information to auditors

Tribal Consulting

Quik Pro has the consulting knowledge and experience to help your tribe maximize the execution and efficiency of your tribal contracts, grants, and programs. We provide consulting in the following areas:

Compliance - we will make sure that you are in compliance with all rules and regulations set forth by the federal government in your tribal grants and contracts. Quik Pro specializes in the IRR Transportation Program, IHS Healthcare Program, EPA Program, NAHASDA Housing Program, and Public Law 638 Social Services Program.

Indirect Cost Rate Proposals - we will help your tribe negotiate with the federal government to get the best indirect cost rate. This means that every time your tribe spends a dollar, a percentage would go to pay for tribal overhead costs, such as accounting services, telephone bills, or tribal offices.

Development of Policy and Procedure - we will work with your tribal council to help you develop and implement new policies and procedures. We will help you determine how to fund new policies so that they can be implemented in your tribe.